October 14th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Friend: Bowe Bergdahl voluntarily left his army base

Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, was freed in a prisoner swap after nearly five years in captivity with the Taliban. For the first time, Bergdahl's friend is now speaking out, saying he believes Bergdahl walked away from his post in Afghanistan in 2009.

It's been four months since Bergdahl was freed and now CNN is learning new details about what he's doing and why he hasn't spoken to his own parents for so long.

CNN's Ed Lavandera has this exclusive OutFront investigation.

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August 6th, 2014
09:09 PM ET

Bowe Bergdahl's lawyer calls interview with army investigator "informal, but businesslike"

On Wednesday, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl met with the Army general leading the investigation into the sergeant's disappearance five years ago.

Bergdahl was held captive by the Taliban for nearly five years before being released into U.S. custody in May.

Bergdahl's attorney Eugene Fidell was at the meeting. He spoke with CNN's Nick Valencia, and described the atmosphere as both informal and businesslike.

Valencia notes Bergdahl's lawyer would not comment on any potential communication between the Army soldier and his parents, a relationship that has long been under scrutiny.

For Burnett's full conversation with Valencia, including further insight into Bergdahl's interview with the army investigator, watch the above video.

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July 10th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Bowe Bergdahl pictured smiling with Taliban leader

A new picture of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl during his captivity posing with a Taliban leader has surfaced. The undated photo was posted on a pro-Taliban Twitter account.

Bergdahl is seen smiling with a top leader from the Haqqani network who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in August of 2012. CNN cannot confirm the context of the photo or whether his smile was natural or coerced.

After five years of captivity, Bergdahl returned to the U.S. nearly a month ago. Military sources tell CNN his reintegration process is almost complete.

To help us digger deeper, Roy Hallums, an American contractor who was kidnapped in Iraq in 2004 and spent 311 days in captivity.

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June 20th, 2014
10:19 PM ET

Bergdahl desertion questions highlight America's history of targeting deserters

New information emerging that the deal to swap five Taliban leaders for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl may not have been the only option the White House was considering.

The Wall Street Journal reports the administration was also weighing plans to pay off the militants.

How much, is not known.

Another proposal – reportedly trade Bergdahl for an Afghan warlord who's currently serving a life sentence in the U.S. on drug charges.

The news is coming at the same time we're learning more about Bergdahl's recovery. An official telling CNN, Bergdahl is eating and sleeping on a normal schedule.

There is security outside his door. He is interacting with a small staff of less than 12 people and he's speaking to a group of professionals about his years in captivity.

Key information that could eventually be used to determine if Bergdahl did in fact desert his platoon.

Bergdahl hasn't received the hero's welcome many were suspecting. But he's not the first soldier that's happened to.

CNN's Ed Lavandera has more.

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June 18th, 2014
09:16 PM ET

Why has Bergdahl not spoken to his parents?

New outrage and blame over Bowe Bergdahl's capture and release.

Some of Bergdahl's former platoon members testified before Congress that the Army sergeant deserted his post nearly five years ago and, they say, as a result - six soldiers died searching for him.

Bergdahl deal scrutinized at congressional hearing

Currently, Bergdahl is being exposed to some of the media coverage about him. It's part of his recovery process, but 18 days after his release, the 28-year-old has yet to speak with his family.

CNN's Ed Lavandera is OutFront with more.

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