July 7th, 2014
08:52 PM ET

Investigation widens in Georgia toddler's hot car death

Authorities are digging deeper into the death of Cooper Harris, the Georgia toddler who was strapped in his car seat for seven hours in the sweltering heat before he was found dead.

Georgia hot car death: More search warrants released

His father, Justin Ross Harris is in jail and faces charges in connection with Cooper's death. Search warrants were released Monday, seeking medical records and hard drives, indicating authorities are also taking a look into the family's finances.

Cooper's mother has not been charged with any crime but authorities have repeatedly mentioned her actions, raising suspicion about her potential involvement.

David Mattingly is Outfront with more on Leanna Harris.

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January 14th, 2014
09:38 PM ET

Police: Four-year-old boy burned, battered and starved by caretaker

For over a week now, OutFront has been following the story of that Nebraska toddler who was caught on video using foul language and slurs.

As far as we know, the 2-year-old is still in protective custody waiting to be placed in a foster home with his 17-year-old mother.

It's a story that's generated a big response from you at home and also raised serious questions about just how many other kids are living in dangerous and unhealthy situations.

A 4-year-old in New York City who was in desperate need of help, yet he slipped through cracks and was ultimately killed by a deranged caretaker, according to police.

CNN's Don Lemon reports.

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