February 20th, 2013
07:47 PM ET

Class-action lawsuit filed against Carnival Corp. over Triumph, citing lung and urinary infections

About 100 passengers from the ill-fated cruise ship Triumph have filed a class action suit against the cruise operator. The suit alleges that Carnival was negligent for allowing the Triumph to embark on the cruise, and states:

"Carnival knew or should have known that the vessel Triumph was likely to experience mechanical and/or engine issues because of prior similar issues."

Class-action lawsuit filed against Carnival Corp. in Triumph cruise

A spokesman for Carnival tells OutFront they "are unable to comment on pending litigation."

OutFront tonight: Michael Winkleman, Maritime Lawyer who filed this class action suit.

February 18th, 2013
09:05 PM ET

Coast Guard: Fuel leak sparked cruise ship fire, no sign blaze was intentional

The Coast Guard says a leak in a fuel-oil return line started the fire that stranded more than 4200 passengers and crew at sea for five days last week aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph.

The ship was on the third day of a four-day cruise from Galveston, Texas, to Mexico when the fire broke out, knocking out the ship's electricity.

The Triumph was eventually towed into port in Mobile, Alabama Thursday night.

CNN's Sandra Endo has the story.

February 15th, 2013
08:23 PM ET

Behind the scenes in Mobile, Alabama

Last night we were in Mobile, Alabama to cover the crippled Carnival Triumph.

We had the opportunity to speak with a number of passengers who were stranded at sea for five days. Even though they had no power and limited access to toilets, many they came off that ship not just relieved but actually grateful for the unforgettable time with family and friends.

But in addition to meeting a lot of interesting people as a journalist, you also get the chance to visit and experience places you might never otherwise see. And yesterday I learned what a great city Mobile, Alabama is. FULL POST

February 15th, 2013
07:24 PM ET

First lawsuit is filed over disastrous cruise – are more to come?

Now that the passengers and crew have finally disembarked the ill-fated cruise ship, the next chapter in this story begins, and it’s likely to play out in the courtroom.

In fact, the first lawsuit has already been filed Will passengers be able to successfully sue over the suffering they endured, or does the fine print on the ticket protect Carnival?

Andrew Waks is a cruise injury and maritime lawyer and he is Outfront tonight with more on the potential legal implications of this situation.

February 15th, 2013
07:17 PM ET

Officials investigating the fire that sparked the "cruise from hell"

OutFront tonight – investigating the cruise ship nightmare

What caused the crippling fire that left more than 4200 people stranded at sea for five days and could it have been prevented?

The Carnival Triumph was towed to a shipyard in Mobile, Alabama today after unloading all of its passengers early this morning. Investigators are now trying to find out how the engine room fire started and why it knocked out the ship's power. FULL POST

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