December 14th, 2012
06:16 PM ET

Panetta: We will not accept a nuclear Iran

President Barack Obama has said that one of his favorite shows is HBO's "Homeland." In the main plot of season two, Israel launches an attack on five nuclear sites in Iran.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has often said there's has to be red line drawn to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Erin Burnett asks Defense Secretary Leon Panetta whether the fiction of "Homeland" can become reality.

December 14th, 2012
12:17 PM ET

Meet Afghanistan's future, Afghan space engineer, President

Erin Burnett visited the home of Fawzia Koofi, the first female elected to the country's Parliament, who is now campaigning for the presidency of Afghanistan.

Erin afghansBurrnett met Fawzia's two young daughters and was curious how she felt about them staying in Afghanistan if the Taliban comes back.

December 14th, 2012
12:07 PM ET

Panetta to weigh in on defense cuts, Iran, and Petraeus scandal

OutFront Friday - We have more of Erin Burnett's exclusive interview with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Panetta: The mission of defeating and deterring al Qaeda is well on the way

Erin talked about a number of issues including the impact of more than a trillion dollars in defense cuts set for the end of the year, Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon and also the General Petraeus affair.

Tune to Erin Burnett OutFront on CNN at 7p and 11p ET for more of the interview with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

December 13th, 2012
10:25 PM ET

"We don't need the Americans," Afghans say the U.S. should leave the country

A suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near Kandahar airfield base that left one U.S. soldier dead and three others injured. The Taliban has claimed responsibility, calling the bomber a brave fighter.

Bombing at NATO base in Kandahar shortly after Panetta departure

The timing is important to emphasize because it happened shortly after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Erin Burnett left the base. The message from the U.S. is clear: terrorists will not win here.

But what is the reality on the ground?

OutFront tonight: Matthew Rosenberg, New York Times Foreign Correspondent and Daoud Sultanzoy of TOLO News.


December 13th, 2012
10:06 PM ET

11 Years of War in Afghanistan: Was it Worth it?

Violence rocks Afghanistan - a sobering reminder today that America's longest war has not yet yielded a secure Afghanistan. Just hours after Erin Burnett wrapped up an interview with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at the U.S. base in Kandahar, a brazen attack occurred  outside the base.

A suicide bomber struck, killing one American service member and two Afghan civilians.  And three Americans and 18 Afghans were also wounded.

A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack, praising the "brave Taliban fighter" who carried it out.

Secretary Panetta met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and invited him to Washington to meet with President Obama next month.

The key questions for these leaders: Where do things now stand and what next?

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