May 28th, 2014
08:54 PM ET

Lawmaker: Healthy lunch rules "go beyond reason"

Michelle Obama slams the GOP.

It's rare that the first lady gets publicly involved in a political fight. But she has some major beef with House Republicans who want to enable schools to opt out of the nutrition standards that the first lady fought for.

Michelle Obama to Congress: 'This is unacceptable'

"The last thing we can afford to do right now is play politics with our kids' health," she said. "Now is not the time to roll back everything that we have worked for. Our kids deserve so much better than that."

OutFront, Republican Congressman Robert Aderholt. He's backing the bill that would let cash-strapped schools opt out of the nutrition regulations.

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May 27th, 2014
08:55 PM ET

Industry-funded study claims diet soda helps weight loss

It's called diet soda for a reason. But does it help you lose weight?

According to a recent study in the journal Obesity, diet soda drinkers lost more weight over a 12-week period than those who drank just water alone.

Diet soda helps weight loss, industry-funded study finds

But do the claims add up?

Take our OutFront Poll:

OutFront, Samantha Cassetty is a registered dietitian.

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May 22nd, 2014
09:30 PM ET

Nearly 15,000 pounds of hummus & dips recalled

(CNN) - This has been a big week for food product recalls and the risk of food borne illness.

Seven confirmed and three likely cases of E. coli infection linked to raw clover sprouts have been reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

The patients are all in either Idaho or Washington. Half the people who have fallen ill have been hospitalized.

Preliminary investigations indicate the likely source of this outbreak are raw clover sprouts produced by Evergreen Fresh Sprouts LLC of Idaho, the CDC said. The state departments of health in Washington and Idaho are telling consumers not to eat raw clover sprouts produced by Evergreen Fresh Sprouts.

Meanwhile, hummus and dip products totaling about 14,860 pounds are being voluntarily recalled by Lansal Inc. amid concerns about possible bacterial contamination.

At the same time, Sherman Produce is recalling some bulk and packaged walnuts sold to retailers in Missouri and Illinois.

These two recalls are precautionary measures against possible Listeria monocytogenes, which may cause serious and even fatal infections in people with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly.


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May 22nd, 2014
09:01 PM ET

Michigan Man: I 'almost died' from a hamburger with E.coli

A massive beef recall has forced retailers in nearly 40 states to pull tainted meat from their shelves.

Food safety inspectors say nearly two million pounds of ground beef may be contaminated with potentially deadly E-Coli.

E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts; hummus, dips, walnuts recalled

And as many are getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, some of it may be their fridge.

Chris Frates is Outfront with the story.

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May 16th, 2014
08:55 PM ET

Is gluten-free food a joke?

The big business of Gluten-free food.

A recent study shows that a lot of people who believe they are sensitive to gluten actually aren't.

Gluten: 5 things you need to know

In fact, many people on a gluten-free diet don't even know what diet they're on.

The gluten-free food industry is a $10 billion business and it's expected to grow 50% by 2016.

But is it all a big joke?

OutFront, Dr. Mark Hyman is the medical director and founder of The UltraWellness Center. He helped President Clinton find a healthy lifestyle after a 2004 quadruple bypass surgery.

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