June 12th, 2014
09:38 PM ET

60,000 minors expected to cross border this year

It's a growing problem: the influx of undocumented children, mostly from Central America, attempting to cross the southern border into the United States.

Holding centers are at capacity, which has forced the government to open makeshift facilities.

El Salvadoran girl's illegal migration highlights America's 'urgent' problem

And the problem is not going away any time soon - 60,000 minors, as young as 4, are expected to cross into America this year.

Martin Savidge traveled to McAllen, Texas to get a first-hand look at the crisis.

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February 27th, 2013
10:33 PM ET

Immigration detainees released before cuts; GOP accuse Dems of fearmongering

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has released several hundred immigration detainees ahead of the $85 billion in forced spending cuts that kick in on Friday.

ICE says they're just moving the detainees to less costly forms of supervision. Republicans call the move outrageous and accuse the Obama administration of resorting to scare tactics.

Our Jim Acosta is OutFront with the story:

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January 29th, 2013
08:36 PM ET

President Obama says America's borders are more secure, locals say 'it's bull'

President Obama was in Las Vegas Tuesday to push for comprehensive immigration reform. The president said he is encouraged that a bipartisan consensus is taking shape in Congress that would provide a path to citizenship, streamline legal immigration, and crack down on illegal immigrants.

He asserted that America's borders have become more secure during his first term.

"We strengthened security at the borders so that we could finally stem the tide of illegal immigrants." Obama said, "We put more boots on the ground on the southern border than at any time in our history. And today, illegal crossings are down nearly 80% from their peak in 2000."

While the number of illegals apprehended crossing in from Mexico has plunged, many people who live and work along the border say the president's rosy picture just doesn't add up.

CNN's Casey Wian is in the small border town of Naco, Arizona, with this OutFront investigation.

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January 28th, 2013
09:38 PM ET

Eight senators unveil bipartisan immigration reform plan

A bipartisan group of four Democrats and four Republicans reached an agreement on a  framework for immigration reform.

The compromise includes a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that are in the United States illegally.

The Senate framework for citizenship is contingent on:

  • Securing borders
  • Increased use of drones, improved infrastructure
  • Employment verification system

Debate over immigration reform plan

OutFront tonight:  Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman from Colorado and Democratic Strategist and CNN Contributor Maria Cardona.

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September 25th, 2012
08:21 PM ET

A student and a sheriff on opposing sides of illegal immigration

President Barack Obama recently launched a program granting work permits and temporary legal status to millions of young illegal immigrants. Mitt Romney favors strict enforcement of the law and encouraging illegal immigrants to self-deport.

CNN's Casey Wian follows two individuals, a sheriff and a student with contrasting views of Romney and Obama's plans for illegal immigrants.

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