November 11th, 2014
09:44 PM ET

Autopsy report reveals Robin Williams had Lewy body dementia

Actor Robin Williams' coroner's report reveals he suffered from a disease called Lewy body dementia. The autopsy report also shows that there was no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system. Lewy body dementia is a disease few have heard of, but an estimated 1.3 million people suffer from.

CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta breaks down the disease.

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August 11th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Robin Williams dead of suspected suicide: Mental issues can be fatal, Dr. Drew says

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday. He was 63-years-old. In a statement, his representative said Williams had been "battling severe depression of late."

Going public with depression

The Marin County, California, Sheriff's office says an investigation is underway, but suspect his death is "a suicide due to asphyxia."

CNN's Don Lemon and HLN's Dr. Drew discuss Williams' battle with mental illness.

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May 29th, 2014
08:47 PM ET

Why do some privileged and troubled young men kill?

"Shy, timid and polite."

That's how Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department officials describe Elliot Rodger when they made a welfare check on him.

He's the 22-year-old who murdered six people nearly a week ago.

When they questioned him about the disturbing videos his parents had found, Rodgers told them he was having trouble fitting in socially and the videos were merely a way of expressing himself.

A family friend tells CNN his parents tried to get him help - and it was a never-ending battle.

"As soon as you met him he was unbearably reserved, self-contained. He seemed to merge into the walls," the friend said. "I know that he was in therapy, I knew that he was meeting experts, just to get better, really, but he was so distant."

It's a story heard before: young middle-class men, in need of help, committing mass murder.

Why is that?

Ted Rowlands has this OutFront Investigation.

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May 28th, 2014
08:37 PM ET

Inside the brain of a young killer: Can a murderer be rehabilitated?

What motivates someone like Santa Barbara college student Elliot Rodger to kill?

Rodger is just one of many troubled young people who commit heinous crimes.

But can kids who kill actually be rehabilitated?

Jean Casarez has this OutFront investigation on the minds of killer teens.

May 9th, 2014
08:28 PM ET

Ex-patients, families say decades of abuse, fraud at Colorado facility ignored

Denver (CNN) - How did an unlicensed professional, who led people to believe he was a medical doctor, run a facility for adolescents with mental illness and drug abuse problems for decades, despite complaint after complaint to state regulators alleging abuse?

That's the question that haunts some of the alleged victims of an inpatient treatment center that operated in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, for about 30 years.

A CNN investigation uncovered at least 15 civil suits and some two dozen complaints to state regulators against Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado, also known as AFIC. The allegations include verbal and sexual abuse, unauthorized discontinuance of psychotropic medication and fraud.

The man in charge, AFIC's president and founder, Alexander Panio Jr., was not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist in the state of Colorado, yet he was allegedly treating patients, and participating in and enabling the abuse at his facility.

"It did the most incredible damage to our family," said Rick Palmer, who's filed a civil suit against AFIC, Panio and other staff members.


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