August 22nd, 2014
09:45 PM ET

3 Blacks, 9 Whites on grand jury weighing Ferguson shooting case

The FBI says it has completed its work canvassing the neighborhood where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was killed. They knocked on more than 400 doors and interviewed more than 200 people, trying to get more information on what happened the day Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson.

CNN is also learning about the racial makeup of the grand jury hearing this case.

St. Louis County Circuit Court administrator Paul Fox said there are three African-Americans - one male, two females - and nine whites - six males, three females - on the 12-member panel. There are a total of seven men and five women.

No information was given about the ages or occupations of any on the grand jury.

OutFront, President of the NAACP Cornell Williams Brooks.

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