May 16th, 2013
11:50 PM ET

Is cheating in a man's DNA? Pat Robertson says, it's natural for men & probably wife's fault

Prominent televangelist Pat Robertson told a viewer who was struggling to forgive her cheating husband – to get over it - because men can't help but cheat and it was probably her fault anyway.

"He cheated on you, well he's a man, okay, so what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place." Robertson added, "... recognize males have a tendency to wander a little bit, and what you want to do is make the home so wonderful he doesn't want to wander."

Is cheating in a man's DNA?

OutFront tonight: Political comedian Dean Obeidallah, Radio Show host and comedian Stephanie Miller and relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh.  She's also author of the new book, "The 30 Day Love Detox."

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