October 7th, 2011
01:16 PM ET

Seriously?! Vladimir Putin's Pictures

It's hardly worth mentioning that politicians pose for photos–a lot. But most of those pictures aren't all that interesting (lots of smiling and hand-shaking). And then there's the photo gallery of Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, whose most recent photo shoot has raised questions–and convinced Erin to ask, Seriously?!

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October 5th, 2011
07:11 PM ET

Seriously, New York Magazine?! Seriously?!

So, let's talk seriously here, New York magazine. Or rather, let's talk about Seriously?! You got all clever and put together a video suggesting–no wait, accusing Erin of flat out stealing the idea for the segment from SNL and Seth Meyers.

Well listen here, New York: we beat you to that joke about us. Yup. In fact, Erin called herself out in a Seriously?! segment that, as luck would have it, called you out for going with the done a zillion times already naked pregnant lady cover.

Now, sure. In fairness you didn't see that segment since we weren't exactly on the air yet. It was during one of our rehearsal shows, which we wisely didn't put on TV. But we're fairly sure it still counts. And since we can already hear you calling our bluff, and getting ready to get all pithy on your blog, we decided to post the segment. Enjoy!

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October 4th, 2011
07:59 PM ET

Seriously?! The Yearning for Apple's Newest iPhone

Hey, did you hear they're coming out with a new iPhone? Yep. It was announced today. No, it's not the iPhone 5 (as many expected), but the iPhone 4S. What explains all the excitement? Well, the new phone certainly has some new features–chief among them a snazzy new camera–but a visit to the Apple Store found plenty of folks who knew nothing more about the phone than this: they just HAVE to have one.


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October 3rd, 2011
08:20 PM ET

Occupy Wall Street: Seriously?!

What do the protesters taking part in Occupy Wall Street want? And who are they? Erin Burnett went to Wall Street and talked to the folks carrying the signs–and the banjos–and found a few things that made her say, "seriously?!"

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