July 10th, 2014
06:32 PM ET

Pillow fights with pop stars: Photographer Harry Benson recalls his time with The Beatles

The Beatles in 1964. The height of Beatlemania. Photos from that time are some of the most iconic images ever recorded. Harry Benson, the legendary photographer who snapped them tells OutFront how he pulled it off.

For more photos from his personal collection:

Behind-the-scenes photos of the Beatles


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June 4th, 2014
09:00 PM ET

Inside a secret Cold War bunker for Congressional leaders

President Obama says he's "sure" to cross paths with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week during the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

This comes as CNN has learned an April fly-by between a U.S. aircraft and a Russian fighter jet was one of the most dangerous passes in decades.

U.S. official: 'Dangerous' Russian jet fly-by was 'straight out of a movie'

Add in their differences over the Ukraine crisis - and the strain between the U.S. and Russia hasn't been this intense since the Cold War ended.

That's the subject of tomorrow's episode of CNN's original series, "The 60's."

Tonight, our David Mattingly takes you inside a secret Cold War bunker - meant to protect Congress in the event of a nuclear attack. It was kept secret from the public for decades.


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May 28th, 2014
08:41 PM ET

Can you name that 60's TV show?

Great TV theme songs stay with you long after the television shows go off the air and the 1960s had a lot of tunes that are now considered all-time classics.

Name that 60's TV show!

CNN's Jeanne Moos looks back at the best theme songs of the '60s.

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