October 1st, 2014
01:02 PM ET

First U.S. Ebola patient raising concerns

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Atlanta (CNN) - It's a lapse that has Americans concerned and health officials asking how it could happen.

A man who had Ebola but didn't know it walked into a Dallas emergency room September 26. Although his symptoms could have indicated Ebola among other things, no one at the hospital asked him if he had recently traveled, a source close to the case told CNN.

The man, who had just flown from Liberia to the States didn't offer the information either, the source said, and the man left the hospital. A spokesman for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital says it's investigating whether he was questioned.

Regardless, two days passed between the time the man left and then returned to the facility September 28 where it was determined he likely had Ebola and was isolated. He tested positive Tuesday, health officials said.

The CDC advises that all medical facilities should ask for patients with symptoms consistent with Ebola for their travel history. It's possible others were infected because of the lapse.


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June 9th, 2014
08:00 PM ET

MH370 passenger's partner: We have to take matters in our own hands

(CNN) - Using dramatic music fit for a Hollywood epic, a video-led fund-raising effort hit the Web this week purportedly to help find answers about missing Malaysia Flight 370.

Several relatives of the 239 people on board appear in a video posted on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.

They say nothing, and stare into a camera, solemn-faced. They hold up pieces of papers with their missing relatives' names. "Please help us find the truth," one man's sign implores.

The site aims to raise $5 million.

"OUR effort will not be in opposition to the official investigation, but rather seeks to uncover clues not yet discovered, and to pursue that evidence without interference from parties who are also liability holders in this case," the page reads. "We hope to plug doubts, overcome shortcomings, and improve the number of actionable leads towards in the search for MH370. The accountability of the authorities remains undiluted."


For more information about the "$5,000,0000 Reward MH370 Campaign," visit: http://www.igg.me/at/reward-mh370

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November 7th, 2013
01:01 PM ET

Sheriff admits flaws in search for woman found dead in hospital stairwell

How did a hospital lose track of a patient for two weeks?

That patient's family is finally getting some answers and they are troubling - after the body of 57-year-old Lynne Spaldingwas found in a stairwell at San Francisco General Hospital last month - two weeks after she'd disappeared from her room.

Exactly when and how Spalding Ford died remains a mystery. But more clues are surfacing about her final days:

September 19

Spalding Ford, 57, checks into San Francisco General Hospital for a bladder infection.

September 21

A hospital employee calls the sheriff's department in the morning and says Spalding Ford has been missing for 40 minutes, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said.
The caller also describes the patient as African-American - even though the patient is later described as Asian in a sheriff's department log book. The sheriff's department oversees security on the hospital's campus.

Authorities make a perimeter search of the hospital grounds, but deputies didn't immediately classify the woman as a missing person.
Later that day, evening shift deputies stationed at the hospital didn't get briefed about Spalding Ford from the earlier deputies.

September 25
Four days after Spalding Ford's disappearance, the San Francisco Police Department asks the sheriff's department to pull surveillance video to see if there are any images of the patient leaving.


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