August 6th, 2014
09:38 PM ET

David McKenzie visits Ebola checkpoints

The death toll in the Ebola outbreak has risen to 932.

In Sierra Leone, a health worker told CNN the country is "not able to deal with this outbreak." Still, Sierra Leone is trying to take steps prevent the Ebola virus from spreading.

On Wednesday evening, CNN’s David McKenzie took viewers through a checkpoint in Sierra Leone. He washed his hands in a chlorine solution, and had his temperature taken, both requirements for passing through.

Police officials have since announced a blockade on the Eastern border of Sierra Leone, stating that there will be no movement, in or out.

Watch the video above to for McKenzie's report.

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August 5th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Nick Paton Walsh from Ukraine: "This is the most sustained gunfire we’ve heard"

While reporting for "OutFront" on Tuesday evening, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh witnessed nearby gunfire in Donetsk, Ukraine.

As fight ensued during the early hours of the morning, Walsh noted that this was "the most sustained gunfire we’ve heard" near the center of the city.

This comes as the Russian military is nearly doubling in size along the border with Ukraine.

Watch the video above as Nick Paton Walsh pauses multiple times to acknowledge a barrage of gunfire.

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August 4th, 2014
10:47 PM ET

American doctor being treated for Ebola in Atlanta; second American expected to arrive Tuesday

On Monday evening, Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined Erin Burnett for a live interview, during which he reported on the experimental serum administered to the first U.S. Ebola patients.

Four days ago, with his conditions worsening, American Kent Brantly, was injected with ZMapp. Within an hour of receiving the experimental medication, he appeared to make a dramatic turnaround.

On Saturday, Brantly arrived in Atlanta, even walking from the ambulance to Emory University Hospital where he is being treated under extreme caution.

Watch the above clip for more of Gupta's medical insight, including an update on Brantly's colleague, Nancy Writebol, who was also infected with Ebola and received the ZMapp serum.

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August 4th, 2014
10:47 PM ET

CNN reporter travels to the epicenter of Ebola

On Monday evening, Erin Burnett welcomed CNN's David McKenzie, who offered his first-hand insight after traveling into the epicenter of the worst Ebola epidemic in history.

Among the African nations, the Ebola outbreak has hit Sierra Leone the hardest.

Driving through the West African country, McKenzie observed the desolate region as government officials in Sierra Leone have shut down the entire country for what they're referring to as a day for “reflection.”

The fear of Ebola is spreading with the disease itself, and the country is doing the best it can to spread the word about the disease that has already infected 646 people in Sierra Leone alone.

Watch the above video for McKenzie's tour of several checkpoints that have been set up around the epicenter, the Kailahun District, where the biggest battles are being fought.

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August 4th, 2014
10:46 PM ET

Are U.S. – Israeli relations on the rocks?

On Monday evening, CNN's Richard Roth joined "OutFront" for an in-depth look at the ongoing unrest in Gaza, and the strain it's creating between the U.S. and Israel.

A staunch supporter of Israel, the United States is feeling pressure as global criticism is aimed at Israel following military operations in Gaza. And, as the conflict continues, so too does the deterioration of the relationship between the two.

Following John Kerry’s recent trip to Israel, it was reported Israeli Intelligence had been eavesdropping on the Secretary of State's phone calls. Kerry has also been blasted by the Israeli government and media, who've referred to his diplomatic tactics as unfair.

For Roth's full report on the tense relationship between Israel and the U.S., watch the above video.

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